About Us

Meet the Owner - Tiffany Wilson

Thanks for visiting my page! I truly love this business and the opportunities it provides me. My husband and I have our goals - we love to travel, and someday we plan hope to start a family. Your support allows us to strive for our dreams, and for that, we are so grateful! I love spending time with family and my dog. I love to travel and play volleyball in my spare time. I played volleyball at Miami University's Hamilton campus for two years, and I wish my time there would have allowed me to play four years. I graduated in December of 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Small Business Management. My knowledge and experience has given me confidence and prepared me for starting out on this venture with jasper + pearl.

I have personally been in the printing business since 2014, and the embroidery business since 2018. I have also been managing my family's printing/embroidery business since 2018. Upon graduating from college in 2019, I decided to put my own spin on an expansion of our commercial printing business, and then came jasper + pearl co.

Recently, I began pursuing my personal dream of printing cute shirts and other items, as well as offering accessories and other boutique clothing. My goal is to utilize my shop to be the hands and feet of Jesus. My shop name is inspired by the glimpse of Heaven that we read about in the book of Revelations - the walls of jasper and the gates of pearl. I want to show people the love that Jesus has for us all, and that we are all welcome with Him in the place that He has prepared for us. Heaven will be a sweet, joyful reunion someday with our loved ones who have passed on, and we will get to see Jesus face-to-face. While this shop has become my livelihood and that is important, my main priority is to use this business as my mission field, and spread His love wherever He leads me.